Farewell Interviews Part III: Michael Santisi

I can’t believe we’re halfway through interviewing the seniors!  For this post, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Santisi “Call me Tisi.”  Tisi’s only been with us for one semester, but it’s been a memorable one!


Major: History

Favorite Mads piece: “Unicornis Captivatur”

Other campus engagements: Chorale, intramural soccer champion, wiffleball champion

Fun fact: The Italians remember me, but I don’t remember the Italians.

Best pizza toppings: Cheese. I eat cheese with every pizza I have.

Claudia: So, what made you decide to join Madrigals?

Tisi: I’ve really begun to appreciate music more and more over the past year, year and a half, two years, and along with the wonderful people in Madrigals, I couldn’t resist joining at my last opportunity.

C: Alright, nice!  And then, why is “Unicornis” your favorite piece?

T: “Unicornis” is my favorite piece because there are so many distinct parts, whereas a lot of other song will sound somewhat similar from beginning to end.  “Unicornis” has different sections, and I think it’s a very interesting piece.

C: Yeah, it has a lot of different developments and distinct areas; I like that too!  So, what are some of your favorite memories from this one semester you’ve been with us?

T: One semester, but a long semester, filled with many memories… You know, some of the memories, my favorite ones are having a fun time playing Cards Against Humanity with the lovely Mads members, having a drink or two or five or nine or twelve at my Mod…  Not naming any names, Joshua [cough cough].

Josh in background: Are you gonna put that in?

C: We’ll see… [Yes~]

T: I don’t know, honestly my favorite memories have just been joking around in between songs and singing.

C: Yeah, those are the main bonding moments, honestly, just hanging out in here in between making music together.  I like that, no one else has said that!  What makes Mads special and worth your time?

T: Let’s see…  Definitely the combination of the music and the people, which I guess is everything, but that’s why I do it, because I like to sing, and I’m happy that I can do it with people who are dedicated and enjoy singing as much as I do.

C: Alright!  That definitely kind of encapsulates the whole Mads experience, I think.  What advice do you have for future members and the current underclassmen who you’re leaving behind?

T: Well, with all my years of experience in Madrigals, I should have a lot to say on this topic…  I would say, if I could say something to people in general, join and join soon, because I do regret not joining earlier.  But if I had to say something to the underclassmen, I would say enjoy your time in Mads and really appreciate that you have the opportunity to learn the songs and really come to know what they mean.  And you only have that opportunity for a few short years, so take ahold of it.

C: Alright, that’s some pretty sage advice there!

T: I try, Claudia.

C: What are your hopes for us in the future?  Where would you like to see us go?

T: I would like to see Madrigals gain more of a following because I definitely feel like it’s one of BC’s underappreciated clubs.  I don’t think it’s deserving of that reputation, but as it stands, that’s how it is.  And so I hope that it can continue to grow, as it seems like it’s grown in the past few years with some wonderful direction and some even more wonderful direction to come.  And I hope it can continue in this upward trend, and I hope that we’ll allow more people to be able to experience the wonderful music that we put out.

C: Definitely agree with all those points.  So, are you going to try and continue singing in the future?

T: You know, I really think I’d like to.  I’ve no idea where to look or how to get started, but I will try!  I see myself continuing singing one way or another.

C: Yeah, there’s plenty of ways to figure that out!  Several alumni we’ve had either if they decide to go to church, join a church choir, or if they’re in a city, there’s like a gazillion amateur choirs.  One of our recent grads is in the New York Oratorio Society now!  So there’s all kinds of possibilities, I’m sure you’ll find something!  Then, what are you doing after you graduate?

T: After I graduate, I am figuring out who I am because as of now I don’t have a career lined up, but that’s because I want to find something that I am so passionate about that I look forward to every day.

C: Yeah, I think everyone kind of wants that!

T: I’m sure, yeah, I guess everybody would like that, but I feel like I need that.

C: Oh no, definitely, I think everyone ought to pursue it because everyone wants it, they should all go for it.  It’s good that you’re actually seeking that out!

T: Some people, they find what they’re passionate about really early.  Other people don’t, and I think if you don’t know what you’re passionate about, it’s your duty to figure that out.

C: Definitely!  I mean, it’s your whole life, you’d better be doing something you love.  That’s the point!

T: Exactly!  What would the other point of life be, otherwise?  Because even though I do feel old in some sense as a graduating senior, I can take a step back and realize I am 22 years old.  I don’t have any gray hairs yet, even though some of us may have some gray hairs [cough] Joshua [cough]…  It looks good, you know the salt-and-pepper look, I’m a huge fan of it…

C: The sophistication…

T: The sophistication, yes, the experience, exactly.  Above all, we’re still young, and I’m still young, so I hope I can find something while I am still young.

C: I’m sure you’ll be able to.  You’ve got a great attitude, so I see you going places!

T: Thank you.

C: Do you have any final thoughts on Madrigals, music, friends…?

T: I just want to thank the people of Madrigals, especially yourself, Claudia, and Josh as well, for letting me join even though it was so late.  Because I do really feel so lucky that I’ve been able to be a part of Madrigals, even if it wasn’t for a very long time.

C: We’re so glad you decided to join!  It was a wonderful surprise when you walked into the audition room.

T: At the eleventh hour…

C: Yeah, it was great!

T: What, did I show up with about a half an hour left at the audition time?

C: Yeah, we were like, oh, you actually came!  It was great!

T: Because I was talking about it, I think I told you the day before.

C:  Yeah, but we weren’t sure if you were kidding or not.  It’s been nice though; it’s been wonderful to have you!

T: I’m glad!


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