Farewell Interviews Part V: Ava Tessitore

It was really strange and sad to interview my roommate about leaving Mads…  Ava was one of the first people I really connected with in Madrigals as well as BC in general.  We ended up living together this year and it’s been absolutely wonderful!  Anyway, here’s what my darling roommate has to say about Mads, music, and general life advice.


Majors: German and Linguistics

Favorite Mads piece: “Unicornis Captivatur”

Other campus engagements: OpShop and Astaza Arabic Ensemble

Fun fact: I make really good gin and tonics.

Best pizza topping: Extra cheese.

Claudia: So, what made you decide to join Mads?

Ava: One of my neighbors went to Boston College, and I think he graduated the year I started Boston College.  But his friend was in Madrigals, and he loved the shows, and he mentioned it to me because he knew I sang, and he knew I’d like the costumes thing.  So, he told me that I had to audition for it, and I did, and I got in, so…

C: Oh, that’s really interesting!  I never knew that.  And then, why is “Unicornis” your favorite piece?

A: Music in general, I like it when it has a lot of changes in it, changes in tone and style, and “Unicornis” changes so often.  It has so many separate sections, and I really like that.

C: What are some of your favorite memories from Madrigals?

A: I mean, we’ve always had fun parties.  We always had fun at our parties.  We hang out together nicely.  But probably when there was a puppy.  That was probably my favorite.

C: That was like the highlight of my life, honestly.

A: Yeah, that was one of the best days of my life.

C: Okay, so what makes Mads special and worth your time?

A: I like the people in it a lot, but it’s also an opportunity to sing, and I don’t have a lot of opportunities to sing.  And I don’t think I will have any opportunities to sing once I graduate.  And it’s a style of music that I really like, unlike the pop a cappella groups, which I don’t care for.

C: Okay!  What advice do you have for future members and current underclassmen?

A: For current underclassmen in general, don’t take 7 courses your senior year.  Just don’t do it.  You’ll hate yourself and all of your professors.  For Madrigals, just keep enjoying yourselves, I guess.  It’s fun!  Have fun with it.  Don’t stress too much.

C: So what are your hopes for us as an organization in the future?

A: Well, I hope you continue to have successful concerts, and to grow as an ensemble, but not too much, because big ensembles are dumb and I don’t like them.

C: Fair…

A: And grow your fanbase!

C: Nice!  I can get behind all that.  Are you interested in continuing singing in the future?

A: Yeah!  I don’t know how much opportunity I’ll have.  I’m hoping that the university where I’m going to be in Salzburg will have a chamber choir or something that I can join, because I did that when I was abroad and that was good.

C: Oh, that would be great!  Speaking of future and Salzburg, what are you doing after graduation?

A: I am doing a Fulbright in Salzburg studying medieval German poetry, which is Mads-appropriate, I think.

C: Yeah, definitely!

A: And totally marketable as a skill…

C: Hey, you got a Fulbright, though.  That’s pretty dang impressive!

A: It’s not bad.

C: Okay, so do you have any final thoughts on Madrigals, music, friends, graduation, or life in general?

A: Oh, I’m gonna miss you guys!  Probably once I stop hating school.  Once I get over the graduation high, I will miss you.

C: I’ll miss you too, it won’t be the same!


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