Farewell Seniors Part VI: (Josh) Kyung Won Seo

This interview with our benevolent fearless leader closes out the Farewell Interviews series.  It was pretty strange to interview Josh about leaving, given the nature of our relationship.  However, I enjoyed getting to speak candidly with Josh looking back on all his years in Mads (he was a member for four continuous years!)


Majors: Biochemistry and Music

Favorite Mads piece: Exultate Deo

Other campus engagements: Chorale, research in lab

Fun fact: I performed with the Rolling Stones!

Best pizza toppings: Sausage, pepper, and onions.

Claudia: So, what made you decide to join Mads?

Josh: I must sing Renaissance music.

C: …That’s it?

J: I mean, I was in Madrigals in high school, and I saw the Madrigals Singers, and I said, “Well, I have to audition, right?”

C: Okay, that’s fair, I guess.  So, why is “Exultate” your favorite piece?

J: Well, it’s one of the first pieces I ever learned.  Actually, I think it is one of the first motets that I learned in my life.  And I brought it back for the Madrigal Singers, and we do well with it.

C: Yeah?  What would you call it in relation to the Madrigal Singers?

J: You want me to say it?

C: Yes.

J: Fire jam.


C: Alright, cool.  What are some of your favorite memories you’ve had in the past four years with Madrigals?

J: Recording was fun, my freshman year.  And I got the solo as a freshman.  Meeting my girlfriend was fun.

C: Yeah, that was okay, I guess.

J: She’s a butt, but I love her.  Oh, and the standing ovation last concert was great.

C: Okay!  I like all those things too, except I wasn’t there for the recording, but that sounds really fun.  Hopefully we can do that again sometime!

J: Next year?

C: Yeah, maybe!  We’ll see.  What makes Mads special and worth your time?

J: There’s a difference between singing in a big choir and singing in a small choir.  There are both advantages, but with small choir you can really get to appreciate each piece, and clearly see how everyone grows as a musician.  It was just amazing to see the growth of each member.  In bigger choirs, you generally don’t get to see that.

C: Nice!  Alright, what advice do you have for future members and current underclassmen?

J: Don’t fuck this shit up.

C: I’m going to post that…

J: I don’t care.  Don’t fuck shit up!  I’ve worked my ass off to build this choir.

C: Alright, alright.  What are your hopes for Madrigals in the future?

J: More social time.  We say, often, that we are family, which we are.  But with certain members we don’t feel that way.  Well, personally, I don’t feel that way sometimes.  I think hanging out outside of rehearsals would help a lot.

C: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.  We can definitely work on that for the future.

J: Yeah, social director?

C: Not my job anymore…  Are you interested in continuing singing in the future?

J: Does the sun come from the east?

C: Alright, do you have any specific plans for that?

J: Well, I would like to join choirs in Princeton area, like community choir or Princeton’s own choirs.

C: Okay, yeah.  I think you kind of need to keep music in your life, you as a person.

J: Yeah, I need that break.  What can I say, I’m a well-rounded person…

[hair flip]

C: Speaking of all this Princeton stuff, what are your post-graduation plans?

J: I plan to earn my PhD in Chemistry at Princeton University.

C: That’s exciting!

J: It’s okay.

C: Don’t discount your accomplishments!

J: This is the only accomplishment that I will not brag about.  And I haven’t.

C: Yeah, I know.

J: ‘Cause I feel humbled.

C: That’s good.  I’m excited for you, and I know that everyone else is really excited for you, too!

J: Oh, that’s good.

C: So, do you have any other final thoughts on Madrigals, or music, friendships, or graduation, or life in general?

J: Life without music would be sad.  Depressing.  Harder to endure.  And I love the fact that our group appreciates music all around.  Yes, it is about spreading the music to those who may not know the music.  But it is also about making music together that is so wonderful about this group.  That’s it.

C: Alright, I like that.

And with that, we close out the interview series!  Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you can all make it to our final concert of the year tomorrow to wish the seniors a heartfelt farewell!

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 8:00 PM

St. Mary’s Chapel, Boston College


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