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Farewell Seniors Part VI: (Josh) Kyung Won Seo

This interview with our benevolent fearless leader closes out the Farewell Interviews series.  It was pretty strange to interview Josh about leaving, given the nature of our relationship.  However, I enjoyed getting to speak candidly with Josh looking back on all his years in Mads (he was a member for four continuous years!) Majors: Biochemistry and … Continue reading


Farewell Interviews Part III: Michael Santisi

I can’t believe we’re halfway through interviewing the seniors!  For this post, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Santisi “Call me Tisi.”  Tisi’s only been with us for one semester, but it’s been a memorable one! Major: History Favorite Mads piece: “Unicornis Captivatur” Other campus engagements: Chorale, intramural soccer champion, wiffleball champion Fun fact: … Continue reading