Fei Wang, Director of Marketing and Media


Voice Part: Alto

Major: Communication

Class Year: 2019

Joined Mads: Fall 2016

Hometown: Beijing, China



14316986_1756415671289390_221390890955126069_n.jpgFavorite books: Ordinary World, The Three-Body Problem

Favorite movies: The Truman Show, The Legend of 1900

Favorite TV shows: Friends, Downton Abbey

Favorite foods: Rice noodles, shrimp

Favorite composers: Beethoven, Chopin

Hobbies: Playing the piano, having tasty food, watching TV shows and films

Spirit animal: Ox (Chinese Zodiac)

Favorite thing about Mads: Enthusiastic people creating music together!
Favorite piece we’ve done: Ecco mormorar l’onde